Book Lists for Young Adults

Subject Name of Book List
Action Heroines Who Needs a Knight, Anyway? (April 2013)
0017 And Under: Teen Spies (Aug. 2011)
Afterlife Beyond the Veil: Stories about the Afterlife (Dec. 2014)
Conflict Fighting Fighting (Oct. 2012)
Fantasy &
Paranormal Fantasy
Human Protagonists
Teen Angels (March 2012)
Team Human (Jan. 2013)
NOT about vampires, fairies, werewolves or angels (Sept. 2011)
More Than Twilight: Vampire Series (May 2011)
Howling Good Reads: YA werewolf books (Nov. 2011)
Zombies Zombies Zombies: YA fiction about the walking dead (Oct. 2011)
Future Dystopia Dystopias (Jan. 2014)
History WWII World War II Fiction (July 2014)
Humor Comedy
Paranormal Comedy
Young Adult Comedy (April 2014)
Paranormal Comedy (July 2014)
Classics Retold
Seems Familiar (Nov. 2014)
The Play's the Thing — Teen fiction inspired by Shakespeare (Oct. 2013)
Music Music Books With Beat: YA books about the power of music (Oct. 2010)
Mystery Mystery Cracking The Case: Young Adult Mystery (April 2014)
Mythology Mythology Teen Mythology Fiction (May 2013)
Nonfiction Nonfiction Keeping It Real (July 2014)
Random Series of three in title
Top 10 of 2014
Young "Adult-ish"
___, ___, and ___ (May 2012)
Top 10 of 2014 (Nov. 2014)
Young "Adult-ish": Books for adults that teens will love, too (July 2014)
Romance Contemporary romance Young Adult Contemporary Romance (Jan. 2013)
Realistic fiction Disabilities
Tough times
Teens that Overcome Disabilities (Oct. 2013)
Hard Knock Life: Teens that have it tough (Oct. 2012)
Seasons Summer Summer Reads (July 2014)
Special Powers Psychics Psychic Teen Fiction (May 2013)
Texas Texas Teens Texas Teens (April 2012)
TV Shows Glee Get Gleeful (Oct. 2012)