Audio clip: Thomas Sledge

Thomas Sledge describes 6th Street as Texas City's business hub during the war years.

Thomas Sledge: Everything was concentrated on 6th Street and Texas Avenue. I mean, almost everything was concentrated. There was no Palmer Avenue with all of this. It was—everything was lined up on 6th Street and Texas Avenue.

At that time we had a lot of ships coming in. A lot of ships. And these people would get off the ships; they would walk all the way from the docks down there down through 6th Street all the way to my dad’s drugstore. We had a lot of sailors come in and buy things and get things to drink and so forth. So we had all kinds of stores on 6th Street. We had barber shops, cafes, grocery stores. And believe it or not, Texas City with 5,000 people had five drugstores. Now that's a lot of drugstores for 5,000 people.

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