Audio clip: John Wood

John Wood discusses the the geographic significance of Nagasaki.

Luke Alvey-Henderson (interviewer): When we dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, did you remember hearing about that and what the reaction was?

John Wood: I was amazed. And then the second one, there was Nagasaki. I went to Nagasaki, by the way, while I was in the Navy. We were over there in Japan. the communications officer and the supply officer and I decided to go over there to Nagasaki and see what it was like. Of course it had been built up since then. They just had a little wooden monument at the center of the place. But it was interesting in Japan how hilly and mountainous it was, and going on a bus ride through these little towns was quite a—and seeing the rice paddies and the little hills. We would have been in hard straits had we tried to have invaded Japan. They had mountainous tunnels throughout the land and we would have lost millions of soldiers had we invaded.

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