Audio clip: Duane Barger

Duane Barger discusses his contributions to the war effort as a high school student:

Rebecca Snow (interviewer): So what did they use high school boys for? I know they taught like first aid, and they had blackouts, of course.

Duane Barger: You went around and—

RS: What did you do?

DB: Went around to houses and knocked on doors, and asked them to do this or to do that, reminded them that they shouldn’t be running their lights at night.

RS: So you went around checking to see if there was light?

DB: Yes. If they were near the coast, and their lights was on, well they didn't want that.

RS: Right.

DB: So that type of stuff. And then, not necessarily sitting in a place to watch for planes—

RS: Coastal watchers?

DB: Yes.

RS: They had those, but we haven't been able to find anyone who did it.

DS: Yes. I wasn't really sitting in a place to watch for planes, but we studied planes to see what kind of planes was coming over, what type.

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