Audio clip: Clarence Wood

Clarence Wood worried about submarines in the Gulf:

Luke Alvey-Henderson (interviewer): Did you ever worry that Texas City actually might get hit, as it was a target?

Clarence Wood: We were very worried, since they had the submarines in the Gulf of Mexico. We said, "Well, they’re going to bring over other kinds of ships and shoot us." Because our city was built on oil refineries, and we knew, boy, they’re going to get those oil refineries soon as they can. So we were very worried about it.

LAH: So how did you go about your day-to-day life having that kind of apprehension? How did you put it out of your head?

CW: Since I was in high school, in the senior class, we just went to school and the ones that are still left at it didn’t enlist. And we just did about our daily routine, but very well aware that anytime now we might be invaded.

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