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Book Lists for Adults

Subject Name of Book List
African-American Fiction Church
Urban Fiction
Fiction about the Church and Congregation (June 2014)
African-American Mysteries (July 2015)
African-American Romance (May 2014)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy by or about PoC (July 2017)
In the City: African American Urban Fiction (April 2014)
Amish Amish Fiction (Sept. 2014)
Animals Animal PoV
Stories from the Point of View of Animals (Aug. 2016)
Cats (Cozy Mysteries) (Feb. 2017)
Personal Encounters with Wildlife (May 2017)
Audiobooks Narrators
Great Listens (Dec. 2012)
Great Listens: Nonfiction (Nov. 2016)
Awards Fiction
Lariat List
Award-Winning Fiction (Feb. 2017)
Lariat List 2017 (2016, 2015, 2014)
Award-Winning Mysteries (Feb. 2017)
Award Winning Nonfiction (Feb. 2017)
Biographies Nonfiction Meet Someone New (Feb. 2017)
Challenges Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Physical and Mental Hurdles Fiction (Sept. 2014)
Overcoming Physical and Mental Hurdles Nonfiction (Sept. 2014)
Classics Pride and Prejudice
The Legacy of Pride and Prejudice (Feb. 2013)
Classics Retold and Reimagined (Feb. 2013)
Conspiracies Conspiracies Conspiracies in Fiction (Nov. 2014)
Crafts Knitting Fiction
Quilting Fiction
Knit Lit: Books About Knitting (July 2013)
Quilt Lit: Books About Quilting (March 2015)
Cross Genres Cross Genres Novels that Combine Genres (Jan. 2017)
Families Dads
Familes (Novels)
Families (Series)
Dad Fiction (June 2013)
Families (Novels) (Feb. 2017)
Family Fiction (Series) (Nov. 2012)
About Moms 2018 (2013)
Fashion Fiction
Passion for Fashion Fiction (Oct. 2013)
Passion for Fashion Nonfiction (Oct. 2013)
Fairy Tales
(See also Fantasy)
Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales Retold (Jan. 2013)
Folklore and Legends (Jan. 2013)
(See also Fairy Tales)
Far East
Flame and Claw (Sept. 2016)
Fantasy Anthologies (March 2017)
Land of the Rising Sun (March 2016)
Quest Series (Dec. 2014)
If You Liked Game of Thrones (Aug. 2016)
Wizards, Mages, and Spellcasters (Oct. 2015)
Feel Good Fiction Feel Good Fiction (June 2014)
Food Mysteries
Food Fiction
Culinary Mysteries (updated Jan. 2017)
Food Fiction (Dec. 2012)
Eating Deliciously Clean (Vegetarian Cooking) (Aug. 2016)
Friendship Fiction You've Got a Friend in Me: Friendship Fiction (May 2014)
Gardens Plants/Gardens in Fiction Plants and Gardens in Fiction (March 2013)
Ghosts Ghost Stories Hauntingly Good Reads (March 2014)
Gothic Gothic Fiction Gothic Fiction (March 2016)
Heroines Heroines Fearless Females (May 2013)
Historical Fiction 1920s
Ancient Egypt
Civil War
The Cold War
Knights and Chivalry
Roman Empire
World War I
World War I
World War II
1920s (The Roaring Twenties) (Jan. 2017)
Ancient Egypt (July 2016)
Civil War (June 2013)
The Cold War (Mar. 2017)
By the Sword (Nov. 2014)
Spirited Sovereigns â?? includes nonfiction (Oct. 2013)
The Roman Empire â?? includes nonfiction (Jan. 2014)
The Great War (100th Anniversary) (March 2014)
World War I: Fiction and Mystery (April 2017)
(See World War II below)
Horror Horror Horror (Oct. 2012)
Horror (April 2017)
Home Everyday objects Histories of the Everyday (Oct. 2013)
Humor Fiction
It's a Funny Story (July 2013)
Humorous Nonfiction (Nov. 2013)
Immigrant Fiction
The Immigrant Experience: Coming to America in Fiction (June 2016)
The Immigrant Experience: Biographies and Memoirs (July 2016)
Refugees & Immigrants in Fiction (Jan. 2017)
Inspirational Historicals
Inspirational Fiction Historicals (July 2012)
Inspirational Fiction Romance (July 2012)
Inspirational Fiction Thrillers, the End of the World (Aug. 2012)
International Fiction Canada
Latin America
Middle East
Spotlight on Canadian Authors: Fiction (June 2017)
Latin American Authors of Fiction (Feb. 2016)
Fiction and Mystery from the Middle East (Jan. 2017)
Mexican American Mexican American Mexican Americans: Fiction, Nonficiton, and Poetry by and about Mexican Americans (Dec. 2016)
Legal Fiction Fiction Suits (June 2015)
Mystery African American Mysteries
Cozies (Books)
Cozies (Cats)
Cozies (Crafting)
Female Private Detectives
Focus on Forensics
Historical Mysteries
Historical Mysteries
Magic & Mystery
Male Private Detectives
Senior Sleuths
Small Town Crime Series
Swedish Crime Fiction
African American Mysteries (July 2015)
Award-Winning Mysteries (Feb. 2017)
Canadian Writers of Mystery and Suspense (June 2017)
Cozies About Bookstores & Libraries (Feb. 2017)
Cats (Cozies) (Feb. 2017)
Crafty Crimes: Cozy Mysteries in Crafty Settings (Nov. 2016)
Culinary Mysteries (updated Jan. 2017)
Female Private Detectives (Aug. 2013)
Focus on Forensics (Nov. 2015)
Crime Across Time in the United Kingdom (Feb. 2014)
Crime Across Time Worldwide (March 2014)
Humorous Mysteries (April 2013)
Magic & Mystery (July 2015)
Male Private Detectives (Aug. 2013)
Classic Noir (Feb. 2014)
Sniffing Out Clues: Pets in Mysteries (Jan. 2015)
Senior Sleuths
Small Town Crime Series (Dec. 2015)
Swedish Crime Fiction (Aug. 2016)
(See also War)
Military Fiction
Military Science Fiction
Military Fiction (Dec. 2014)
Military Science Fiction (Dec. 2014)
Books on the Big Screen 2016 Books on the Big Screen (March 2016)
Oscar-Worthy Books (Jan. 2017)
Mythology Fiction Mythology Fiction (Dec. 2012)
Greek and Celtic Mythology in Fiction (Nov. 2017)
Nautical Fiction Nautical Fiction On the High Seas (Jan. 2014)
Nonfiction Science Science! Popular Books on the Natural Sciences (Oct. 2017)
Occupations Nonfiction A Day in the Life: in the Words of Workers (Dec. 2013)
Paranormal Fiction Paranormal Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Fiction and Urban Fantasy Series (March 2013)
Tall, Dark & Hungry: Paranormal Romance (June 2012)
Pets Cats
Warm Hearts, Cold Noses: Cat Fiction (Feb. 2015)
Warm Hearts, Cold Noses: Dog Fiction (Jan. 2015)
Sniffing Out Clues: Pets in Mysteries (Jan. 2015)
Psychics Fiction Psychics in Fiction (April 2012)

African American Romance
Inspirational Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense

African American Romance (May 2014)
Families in Historical Romance (July 2012)
Inspirational Romance (July 2012)
Tall, Dark, & Hungry (June 2012)
Romantic Suspense (July 2018)
Science Fiction Detectives
The Future
Hard Science Fiction
Military Science Fiction
Space Operas
Detectives in Science Fiction (April 2012)
Stories Set in the Future (Nov. 2017)
Hard Science Fiction (Aug. 2016)
Military Science Fiction (Dec. 2014)
Space Opera Series (Aug. 2015)
Short Stories Fantasy Anthologies Fantasy Anthologies (March 2017)
Small-Town Life Fiction
That Small Town Feeling (Oct. 2013)
Small Town Crime Series (Dec. 2015)
Sports Basketball
Basketball (Mar. 2017)
Sports Fiction (April 2013)
Steampunk Fiction Silk & Steam Steampunk Fiction (October 2015)
Survival Fiction
Survival Fiction (April 2015)
Survival Nonfiction (Jan. 2017)
Tearjerkers Fiction and Nonfiction Tearjerkers (Dec. 2013)
Texas Fiction It Happened in Texas (Oct. 2012)
Thieves & Con Artists Fiction
Tome Robbers (Feb. 2017)
Pirates (Mar. 2017)
Thrillers Psychological
Newer Psychological Thrillers (July 2015)
Newer Psychological Thrillers (Published 2015-2016) (Dec. 2016)
Technothrillers (Feb. 2015)
Adrenaline Rush (July 2014)
Top Books Top Books of 2015 Top Books of 2015 (April 2016)
Travel 50 States
Travel Fiction
Countries of the World
Read Your Way Across the States (July 2014)
Going Places (July 2014)
Where in the World Are You Reading? (June 2015)
True Crime Texas True Crime
True Crime Across the Nation
True Crime in Texas (Jan. 2017)
True Crime Across the Nation (Jan. 2017)
TV Shows Downton Abbey If You Like "Downton Abbey" (Jan. 2014)
Urban Fiction Urban Fiction In the City: African American Urban Fiction (April 2014)
(See also Military)
Civil War
World War I
World War II
Vietnam War
Civil War (June 2013)
The Great War (100th Anniversary) (March 2014)
(See World War II below)
The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath (April 2015)
Weddings Brides Here Comes the Bride (May 2014)
Westerns Contemporary Westerns
Contemporary Westerns (Jan. 2017)
Westerns (Jan. 2017)
World War II Alternate History
Alternative Histories of World War II (Sept. 2012)
Espionage in World War II (Sept. 2012)
World War II Fiction (Sept. 2012)

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