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Adult Book Lists: Technothrillers

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Larry Bond / FIC BOND
Red Phoenix

Dale Brown / FIC BROWN
Hammer Heads

Dan Brown / FIC BROWN
Deception Point
Digital Fortress

Joe Buff / FIC BUFF
Jeffrey Fuller series
Deep Sound Channel
Thunder in the Deep
Crush Depth
Tidal Rip
Straits of Power
Seas of Crisis

Lincoln Child / FIC CHILD
Deep Storm

Tom Clancy / FIC CLANCY
John Clark series
Without Remorse
Rainbow Six
The Bear and the Dragon

Red Storm Rising

James H. Cobb / FIC COBB
Amanda Garrett series
Choosers of the Slain
Sea Strike
Sea Fighter
Target Lock

Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice, and William H. Keith / FIC COONTS
Deep Black series
Deep Black (only in audio)
Deep Black: Dark Zone
Deep Black: Payback
Deep Black: Jihad
Deep Black: Conspiracy
Deep Black: Arctic Gold
Deep Black: Sea of Terror
Deep Black: Death Wave

Michael Crichton / FIC CRICHTON
The Andromeda Strain
State of Fear

Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo and Jack Du Brul / FIC CUSSLER
Oregon Files series
Golden Buddha
Sacred Stone
Dark Watch
Skeleton Coast
Plague Ship
Corsair (also in large print and audiobook)
The Silent Sea
The Jungle (also in large print and audiobook)
Mirage (also in large print, audiobook and ebook)

Jeffery Deaver / MYS DEAVER
The Blue Nowhere

William Gibson / SF and FIC GIBSON
Blue Ant series
Pattern Recognition (SF GIBSON)
Spook Country (FIC GIBSON)
Zero History (FIC GIBSON)

James R. Hannibal / FIC HANNIBAL
Nick Baron series
Shadow Catcher (also in audiobook)
Shadow Maker

Patrick Lee / FIC LEE
Travis Chase series
The Breach
Ghost Country
Deep Sky

Jonathan Maberry / FIC MABERRY
Joe Ledger series
Patient Zero
The Dragon Factory
The King of Plagues
Assassin's Code
Extinction Machine
Code Zero

Alistair MacLean / LP FIC MACLEAN
The Satan Bug

Ryne Douglas Pearson / FIC PEARSON
Art Jefferson series
Simple Simon

Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child / FIC PRESTON
Gideon Crew series
Gideon's Sword
Gideon's Corpse
The Lost Island (also in ebook)

Patrick Robinson / FIC ROBINSON
Admiral Arnold Morgan series
Nimitz Class
Kilo Class
H.M.S. Unseen
U.S.S. Seawolf
The Shark Mutiny
Barracuda 945
Scimitar SL-2
Hunter Killer
Ghost Force
To the Death (also in audiobook)

Mark E. Russinovich / FIC RUSSINOV
Jeff Aiken series
Zero Day
Trojan Horse
Rogue Code

Scott Sigler / FIC SIGLER
Infected series
Infected (also in audiobook)
Contagious (also in audiobook)

Neal Stephenson / SF STEPHENS

Daniel Suarez / FIC SUAREZ
Daemon series

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