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Adult Book Lists: Swedish Crime Fiction

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A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers (contains 17 short stories)

Karin Alvtegen / MYS ALVTEGEN

Cecilia Borjlind / MYS BORJLIND
Spring Tide

Arne Dahl / MYS DAHL
Bad Blood

Ake Edwardson / MYS EDWARDSO
Inspector Erik Winter Series
Death Angels
The Shadow Woman
Sun and Shadow
Never End
Frozen Tracks
Sail of Stone
Room No. 10

Kjell Eriksson / MYS ERIKSSPM
Inspector Ann Lindell Series
The Princess of Burundi
The Cruel Stars of the Night
The Demon of Dakar
The Hand That Trembles
Black Lies, Red Blood
Open Grave

Carin Gerhardson / MYS GERHARDS
Cinderella Girl

Anna Jansson / MYS JANSSON
Killer's Island

Mari Jungstedt / MYS JUNGSTEDT
Anders Knutas and Johan Berg Series
The Inner Circle
Killer's Art
The Dead of Summer
Dark Angel

Mons Kallentoft / MYS KALLENTO
Inspector Malin Fors Series
Midwinter Blood
Summer Death
Autumn Killing
Spring Remains

Lars Kepler / MYS KEPLER
Inspector Joona Linna Series
The Hypnotist
The Nightmare
Fire Witness

Camila Lackberg / MYS LACKBERG
Fjällbacka Series
The Ice Princess (also available on audiobook)
The Preacher (also available on audiobook)
The Stonecutter (also available on audiobook)
The Stranger
The Hidden Child (also available on large print)
The Drowning
Fjällbacka Murders (TV Series based on the books)

David Lagercrantz / MYS LAGERCRA
A Continuation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series
The Girl in the Spider's Web (also available in large print, audiobook, and ebook)

Jens Lapidus / MYS LAPIDUS
Easy Money
Life Deluxe

Asa Larsson / FIC LARSSON
Rebecca Martinsson Series
Sun Storm
The Blood Spilt
The Black Path
Until Thy Wrath Be Past
The Second Deadly Sin

Stieg Larsson / FIC LARSSON
Millennium Series
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (also available in audiobook, ebook, graphic novel, and DVD)
The Girl Who Played with Fire (also available in audiobook, ebook, graphic novel, and DVD)
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (also available in large print, audiobook, ebook, and DVD)

Henning Mankell / MYS MANKELL
The Return of the Dancing Master
The Man From Beijing (also available on audiobook)
Kennedy's Brain
Kurt Wallander Mysteries
Faceless Killers (also available in audiobook and ebook)
The Dogs of Riga (also available on ebook)
The White Lioness (only available on ebook)
The Man Who Smiled (also available in large print and ebook)
The Fifth Woman
One Step Behind
Firewall (also available on audiobook)
The Pyramid (also available in Spanish)
An Event in Autumn (also available on audiobook)
The Troubled Man (also available in large print and audiobook)
Before the Frost
Wallander TV Series
Wallander: Season One
Wallander: Season Two
Wallander: Season Three
Wallander: Season Four

Hakan Nesser / MYS NESSER
Inspector Van Vetteren Series
Mind's Eye (also available on audiobook)
Borkmann's Point (also available on audiobook)
The Return
Woman with a Birthmark
The Inspector and Silence
Munster's Case
Hour of the Wolf

Kristina Ohlsson / MYS OHLSSON
Fredrika Bergman Series
The Disappeared

Hakan Ostlundh / MYS OSTLUNDH
Detective Fredrik Broman Series
The Viper
The Intruder

Leif G. W. Persson / MYS PERSSON
"The Story of a Crime" Series
Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End
Another Time, Another Life
Free Falling, As If in a Dream
Linda, as in the Linda Murder

Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom / Fic ROSLUND
Box 21
Cell 8 (also available on large print and audiobook)
Three Seconds (also available on audiobook)
Two Soldiers

Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo / MYS SJOWALL
Superintendent Martin Beck Series
Roseanna (also available on audiobook)
The Man Who Went Up in Smoke (also available on audiobook)
The Laughing Policeman
The Abominable Man
The Locked Room
Cop Killer (only available on audiobook)

Johan Theorin / FIC THEORIN
Echoes From the Dead
The Darkest Room

Helene Tursten / MYS TURSTEN
Inspector Irene Huss Series
Night Rounds
The Torso
The Glass Devil
The Golden Calf
The Fire Dance
The Beige Man
The Treacherous Net

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