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Adult Book Lists: Space Operas

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Kevin J. Anderson / SF ANDERSON
Saga of Seven Suns Series
Hidden Empire
A Forest of Stars
Horizon Storms (also on audiobook)
Scattered Suns
Of Fire and Night
Metal Swarm
The Ashes of the Worlds

Isaac Asimov / SF ASIMOV
Foundation Series
Foundation (also in ebook)
Foundation and Empire (also in ebook)
Second Foundation (also in ebook)
Foundation's Edge (also in ebook)
Foundation and Earth (also in ebook)
Prelude to Foundation (Prequels) (also in ebook)
Forward the Foundation (also in ebook)

Iain Banks / SF BANKS
Culture Series
Consider Phlebas
The Player of Games
Use of Weapons
Look to Windward
Surface Detail
The Hydrogen Sonata

Stephen Baxter / SF BAXTER
Manifold Series
Manifold: Time
Manifold: Space
Manifold: Origin

Greg Bear / SF BEAR
Eon Series
Eternity (also in ebook)

David Brin / SF BRIN
Uplift Saga
Startide Rising
The Uplift War
Brightness Reef (Uplift Storm Trilogy)
Infinity's Shore
Heaven's Reach

Orson Scott Card / SF Card
Shadow Saga
Ender's Shadow (also on audiobook)
Shadow of the Hegemon
Shadow Puppets (also on audiobook)
Shadow of the Giant
Shadows in Flight (also on audiobook)

C. J. Cherryh / SF CHERRYH
Union-Alliance Universe
Cyteen (Cyteen Series - Omnibus)
Downbelow Station (Company Wars Series) (also in large print)
Alliance Space: Merchanter's Luck
Heavy Time
Finity's End
Alliance Space: Merchanter's Luck and 40,000 in Gehenna

Arthur C. Clarke / SF CLARKE
Rama Series
Rendezvous with Rama
Rama II
The Garden of Rama
Rama Revealed

James S. A. Corey / SF COREY
Expanse Series
Leviathan Wakes (also in ebook)
Caliban's War (also in ebook)
Abaddon's Gate (also in ebook)
Cibola Burn (also in ebook)
Nemesis Games

Peter F. Hamilton / SF HAMILTON
Commonwealth Universe
Misspent Youth
Pandora's Star (Commonwealth Saga)
Judas Unchained
The Dreaming Void (Void Series) (also available in audiobook)
The Temporal Void
The Evolutionary Void (also available in audiobook)
The Abyss Beyond Dreams: a Novel of the Commonwealth
Night's Dawn Series
The Reality Dysfunction
The Neutronium Alchemist
The Naked God

Frank Herbert / SF HERBERT
Dune Chronicles
Dune (also in large print and on DVD)
Dune Messiah (also available in audiobook)
Children of Dune (also available on DVD)
God Emperor of Dune Heretics of Dune Chapterhouse: Dune (also available in audiobook)
The Road to Dune (with Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert)

Larry Niven / SF Niven
The Ringworld Engineers
The Ringworld Throne
Ringworld's Children
Fate of Worlds: Return from the Ringworld (with Edward M. Lerner)
Fleet of Worlds (Prequel with Edward M. Lerner)

Alastair Reynolds / SF REYNOLDS
Revelation Space Series
Revelation Space
Chasm City
Redemption Ark
Absolution Gap (also available in audiobook)
Diamond Dog, Turquoise Days
Galactic North
The Prefect (standalone in Revelation universe) (also available in audiobook)

Dan Simmons / SF SIMMONS
Hyperion Series
The Fall of Hyperion
The Rise of Endymion

Allen M. Steele / SF STEELE
Coyote Universe
Coyote (Coyote Series)
Coyote Rising
Coyote Frontier
Galaxy Blues
Coyote Horizon (Coyote Chronicles)
Coyote Destiny

Charles Stross / SF STROSS
Eschaton Series
Singularity Sky
Iron Sunrise

Vernor Vinge / SF VINGE
Zones of Thought Series
A Fire Upon the Deep
A Deepness in the Sky
The Children of the Sky

David Weber / SF WEBER
Safehold Series
Off Armageddon Reef
By Schism Rent Asunder (also in audiobook)
By Heresies Distressed (also in audiobook)
A Mighty Fortress
How Firm a Foundation (also in audiobook)
Midst Toil and Tribulation
Like a Mighty Army (also in audiobook)

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