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Adult Book Lists: Small Town Crime Series

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Ace Atkins / MYS ATKINS
Quinn Coslon Series
Quinn Colson is an Army Ranger just home from a tour in Afghanistan. After his uncle, the sheriff of Tibbehah County in Mississippi is found dead of an apparent suicide, Colson believes it was murder and vows to find the killer. Colson is elected sheriff (starting in the second book) and continues to deal with crime and corruption is his home town.
The Ranger (also available in large print and audiobook)
The Lost Ones (also available in large print)
The Broken Places (also available in large print)
The Forsaken (also available in large print)
The Redeemers (also available in ebook)

C. J. Box / MYS BOX
Cassie Dewell
The rookie former partner of recently fired officer, Cody Hoyt (who has his own series), Cassie Dewell, even though she has very little experience, assists him in his investigation into a group of missing girls and the likelihood of a serial killer. In her second book, Dewell moves to Grimstad, North Dakota and becomes a deputy sheriff. She finds herself in the middle of a gang war and tries to help a 12-year-old boy who is way in over his head.
The Highway (also Cody Hoyt series #2) (also available in audiobook)
Badlands (also available in large print, audiobook, and ebook)

Linda Castillo / MYS CASTILLO
Kate Burkholder Series
Growing up in the Amish community outside of Painters Mill, Ohio, Kate Burkholder is now the police chief of the local department. She left the Amish world in her teens after a horrific experience involving a serial killer and became a homicide detective in Columbus. Now there has been another murder committed with the MO being the same as those that happened 16 years ago, and Burkholder. must solve the murder and deal with the issues of her past. She continues, within the series, to deal with murders in both communities and be the �go-between� for both.
Sworn to Silence (also available in audiobook)
Pray for Silence (also available in large print and audiobook)
Breaking Silence (also available in large print and audiobook)
Gone Missing (also available in large print and audiobook)
Her Last Breath (also available in large print and audiobook)
The Dead Will Tell (also available in large print and audiobook)
After the Storm (also available in audiobook and ebook)

Tricia Fields / MYS FIELDS
Josie Gray Mysteries Series
In the small town of Artemis, Texas, Josie Gray is the Chief of Police. Because of its location, the locals and police department have to deal with problems of being on the border, such as drug trafficking and turf wars. Gray finds herself between fighting the cartels, as her job, and fighting with the locals, who would rather take care of the cartels themselves (and have the weapons to do it). Gray has to deal with several personal and ethical problems during her time as police chief in the later novels.
The Territory
Sratchgravel Road

Martha Grimes / MYS GRIMES
Richard Jury Mystery Series
Richard Jury is an inspector for Scotland Yard, tasked with the job of solving murders throughout the small villages and towns of England. Jury and his aristocratic sidekick, Melrose Plant, continue to travel throughout the later novels, continuing to find killers throughout the United Kingdom (in some very small towns and villages).
The Man with a Load of Mischief
The Old Fox Deceiv'd
The Dirty Duck
The Jerusalem Inn (also available in large print)
Help the Poor Struggler
The Deer Leap (also available in large print)
I Am the Only Running Footman
The Five Bells and Bladebone
The Old Silent (also available in large print)
The Old Contemptibles (also available in large print)
The Horse You Came In On
Rainbow's End
The Case Has Altered
The Stargazey (also available in large print)
The Lamorna Wink (also available in large print)
The Blue Last
The Grave Maurice
The Winds of Change
The Old Wine Shades (also available in audiobook)
Dust (also available in large print)
The Black Cat (also available in large print and audiobook)
Vertigo 42 (also available in large print)

Frank Hayes / MYS HAYES
Sheriff Virgil Dalton Mystery Series
Virgil Dalton is the sheriff in the small town of Hayward, Texas. His usual routine of small crimes is rocked when he finds a body of a young man floating in his stock tank. Now he and his deputy, Jimmy Tillman, have to figure out who the murderer is, and what secrets may be hiding in the families of his town.
Death at the Black Bull (also available in large print)
Death on the High Lonesome

Tony Hillerman / MYS HILLERMA
Navajo Mystery Series
Joe Leaphorn is a lieutenant for the Navajo Tribal Police Department in New Mexico. His friend from college, Professor Bergen McKee is interested in Navajo culture and comes to the reservation to do some research. Both characters look into some strange �mystical� occurrences on the reservation. In later books, Leaphorn works with a new officer, Jim Chee, and both men look into the cultural and rituals of the Navajo, while solving the cases that come to them from the reservation.
The Blessing Way
Dance Hall of the Dead
Listening Woman
People of Darkness
The Dark Wind
The Ghostway
A Thief of Time
Talking God
Coyote Waits
Sacred Clowns
The Fallen Man (also available in large print)
The First Eagle (also available in large print)
Hunting Badger (also available in large print and audiobook)
The Wailing Wind (also available in audiobook)
The Sinister Pig (also available in large print and audiobook)
Skeleton Man (also available in large print and audiobook)
The Shape Shifter (also available in large print)
Spider Woman's Daughter (written by Anne Hillerman) (also available in ebook)
Rock With Wings (written by Anne Hillerman) (also available in large print and ebook)

J. A. (or Judith) Jance / MYS JANCE
Joanna Brady Series
Joanna Brady believes her life in Bisbee, Arizona couldn�t be better, until her husband, a local officer running for sheriff of Cochise County is shot and later dies at the hospital. After his death, she hears tales of her husband�s corruption and decides to look in to both the stories and his shooting. After conducting her own investigation, she is talked into running for and becomes the sheriff. Sixteen books later, and Brady is still the hardworking Sheriff of Cochise County.
Desert Heat
Tombstone Courage (also available in large print)
Shoot/Don't Shoot
Dead to Rights
Skeleton Canyon
Rattlesnake Crossing
Outlaw Mountain
Devil's Claw
Paradise Lost
Partner in Crime
Exit Wounds
Dead Wrong (also available in large print)
Damage Control (also available in large print and in audiobook)
Fire and Ice (also available in large print)
Judgment Call (also available in large print, audiobook, and ebook)
Remains of Innocence (also available in large print, audiobook, and ebook)

Craig Johnson / MYS JOHNSON
Walt Longmire Series
Walt Longmire has been the sheriff of Wyoming's Absaroka County for 24 years. He is now facing the death of a man who received a suspended sentence for rape and has to prove to the people of his jurisdiction, that they cannot take the law into their own hands. Longmire continues to solve crimes with his friends and coworkers, throughout the rest of the series (which is also on TV DVD LONGMIRE).
The Cold Dish (also available in large print)
Death Without Company (also available in large print)
Kindness Goes Unpunished (also available in large print)
Another Man's Moccasins (also available in large print)
Dark Horse
Junkyard Dogs (also available in large print)
Hell is Empty (also available in large print)
As the Crow Flies
A Serpent's Tooth (also available in large print)
Any Other Name (also available in large print)
Dry Bones (also available in large print and

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