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Adult Book Lists: Pirates

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Brian Kilmeade / 973.47 KILMEADE
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: the Forgotten War That Changed American History
The Northern Coast of Africa was plagued by pirates for centuries. In 1801, Tripoli pirates demanded a ransom in exchange for a ship and its crew. Still the leader of a young nation, but determined to avoid paying a bribe to pirates, Thomas Jefferson refused to pay, opting to use force. This book recounts the missions of the young Navy during this war.
(Also available in ebook)

Dan Perry / B TEACH
Blackbeard: the Real Pirate of the Caribbean
Notorious and feared, the mere mention of the name Blackbeard ignited fear in the hearts of seamen from Virginia to Barbados. His life on the high seas, chasing wealth and power, ended in a bloody battle, changing the course of history.

Adrian Tinniswood / 909.09822096 TINNISWO
Pirates of Barbary: Corsairs, Conquests, and Captivity in the Seventeenth Century Mediterranean
Used by explorers and pirates alike, the Mediterranean emerged as the crossroads of the world during the Middle Ages. Pirates reached the peak of their power in the 1600s, attacking ships and enslaving their crews. This book focuses on the exploits of notorious pirates during the seventeenth century.

Daniel Sekulich / 910.45 SEKULICH
Terror on the Seas: True Tales of Modern-Day Pirates
The idea that pirates still ply the seas today seems ridiculous and even childish to some, but it is a real fact. Daniel Sekulich shows how their violent activities on the high seas can have a big effect on our economy and the war on terror.

Max Hardberger / 364.164 HARDBERG
Seized: a Sea Captain's Adventures Battling Scoundrels and Pirates While Recovering Stolen Ships in the World's Most Troubled Waters
Max Hardberger is hired by owners of stolen ships. His mission is to steal ships back from pirates and return them to their owner. With a mission impossible team, he navigates international waters under the cover of darkness. If caught, Hardberger's crew risks imprisonment or death.

David Locke Hall / 364.168 HALL
CRACK99: the Takedown of a $100 Million Chinese Software Pirate
The website, Crack99, looked very similar to Craigslist, but it sold thousands of hightech software products used largely by the military. The Justice Department frowns upon potentially costly and risky cases like this, but David Locke Hall and his colleagues were determined to find the culprit, revealing an audacious sting.

Megan McCormick / DVD 910.45 PIRATES
Pirates Galleons and Treasure
Megan McCormick travels to Colombia, Panama, Florida, and The Bahamas, to learn about the galleons, treasure, and pirates of the Caribbean.

Chris Merrill / DVD 910.45 REAL
Real Pirates of the Caribbean: a History of Piracy Through the Ages
With actual pirate ship footage and real life accounts, this documentary captures what it means to be a pirate.

Greg Goldman / DVD 364.164 PIRATE
Pirate Tech
Pirates have been terrifying seafarers for centuries. The History Channel takes an in-depth look at the history behind these maligned mariners and examines the influential innovations they brought to marine technology.


Wendy K. Perriman / FIC PERRIMAN
Fire on Dark Water
Lola Blaise was born a gypsy and tricked into a life of debauchery. Quickly, she learned the ways of the world and the men who inhabit it. However, a life of piracy, both dangerous and full of passion, awaits her in the New World.

William C. Hammond / FIC HAMMOND
For Love of Country: a Novel
This is a historical novel set in the nascent period of the United States following the revolution. Richard Cutler arrives in North Africa to pay ransom for his brother Caleb. After learning that the ransom will be rejected, Richard embarks on a fierce battle in the Mediterranean and emerges victorious, before travelling to Paris to report to his former naval commander who serves as American emissary to the Barbary States. Filled with both romance and adventure, this story recounts the period of time when American merchant fleets were practically defenseless against pirates.

William Dietrich / FIC DIETRICH
The Barbary Pirates: an Ethan Gage Adventure
Swashbuckling American explorer and Casanova Ethan Gage has seen his fair share of danger, having braved the sands of Egypt, the perilous Atlantic Ocean, and the uncharted wilderness of early America. He finds himself in a desperate race once again - this time with the Barbary Pirates, a powerful band of Muslim outlaws from North Africa.
(Also available in large print)

Peter Tonkin / FIC TONKIN
Deadly Impact
The Sayonara is the first large vessel to sail without a crew. It is programmed to dock automatically in Japan using computer controls and GPS positioning. Four days before docking, a group of pirates climbs aboard and breaks into the secure areas of the ship, hacking into the computers and taking control of the vessel. With only ninety-nine hours to assemble a team to retake the Sayonara and its very dangerous cargo - the ship is carrying the equivalent of fifty-five atom bombs - Richard must assemble a team to save the ship headed toward one of the most densely populated places on earth.

Robert Hough / FIC HOUGH
The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan: a Novel
It's 1664 and Benny Wand is arrested in London for illegal gaming and deported to the city of Port Royal, Jamaica. When he arrives, Wand is forced to join a raid on the Spanish city of Villahermosa. Soon, he attracts the attention of the mission's leader, Captain Henry Morgan. While embarking on a campaign in the Caribbean, Morgan forms an unlikely friendship with Wand. Yet, as Morgan becomes morally corrupted he slowly transforms into Wand's greatest enemy.

Johnathan E. Steinberg / DVD TV BLACK
Black Sails (3 Seasons)
Lola Blaise was born a gypsy and tricked into a life of debauchery. Quickly, she learned the ways of the world and the men who inhabit it. However, a life of piracy, both dangerous and full of passion, awaits her in the New World.

A Hijacking
The cargo ship MV Rozen is almost to harbor when it's hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The pirates take the ships's crew as hostages and demand a million dollar ransom, leading to a psychological drama between the CEO of the shipping company and the Somali pirates.

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