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Adult Book Lists: Crafty Crimes: Cozy Mysteries in Crafty Settings

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Sarah Atwell / MYS ATWELL
Glassblowing Mystery Series
Through a Glass Deadly
Pane of Death (also available on large print)
Snake in the Glass

Jennie Bentley / MYS BENTLEY
Do-It-Yourself Mystery Series
Fatal Fixer-Upper
Mortar and Murder
Flipped Out
Home for the Homicide

Janet Bolin / MYS BOLIN
Threadville Mystery Series
Threaded for Trouble
Thread and Buried
Night of the Living Thread
Seven Threadly Sins

Mollie Cox Bryan / MYS BRYAN
Cumberland Creed Series
Scrapbook of Secrets (only available on ebook)
Scrapped (only available on ebook)
Death of an Irish Diva (only available on ebook)
A Crafty Christmas (only available on ebook)
Scrappy Summer (only available on ebook)

Joanna Campbell-Slan / MYS CAMPBELL
Scrap-N-Craft Mystery Series
Paper, Scissors, Death
Cut, Crop, & Die
Photo, Snap, Shot
Ready, Scrap, Shoot

Anne Canadeo / MYS CANADEO
Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series
While My Pretty One Knits
Knit, Purl, Die (also available on large print)
A Stitch Before Dying
Till Death Do Us Purl (also available on large print)
The Silence of the Llamas
A Dark and Stormy Knit
The Postman Always Purls Twice (also available on large print)
A Murder in Mohair

Elizabeth Lynn Casey / MYS CASEY
Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series
Death Threads
Pinned for Murder
Let It Sew
Taken In
Wedding Duress
Needle and Dread

Laura Childs / MYS CHILDS
Scrapbooking Mystery Series
Motif for Murder (also available on large print)
Frill Kill (also available on large print)
Death Swatch
Tragic Magic
Fiber & Brimstone
Skeleton Letters (also available on large print)
Postcards from the Dead
Gilt Trip
Gossamer Ghost (also available on large print)
Parchment and Old Lace

Monica Ferris / MYS FERRIS
Needlecraft Mysteries
Crewel World
Framed in Lace
A Stitch in Time
Hanging by a Thread
Crewel Yule
Embroidered Truths
Sins and Needles
Knitting Bones
Thai Die (also available on large print)
Blackwork (also available on large print)
Buttons and Bones (also available on large print)
Threadbare (also available on large print)
And Then You Dye (also available on large print)
The Drowning Spool (also available on large print)
Darned If you Do (also available on large print)
Knit Your Own Murder

Sally Goldenbaum / MYS GOLDENBA
Seaside Knitters Mystery Series
Death by Cashmere
Patterns in the Sand
Moon Spinners
A Holiday Yarn
The Wedding Shawl
A Fatal Fleece
Angora Alibi
Murder in Merino
A Finely Knit Murder
Trimmed with Murder
Murder at Lambswool Farm

Margaret Grace / MYS GRACE
Miniature Mystery Series
Mayhem in Miniature
Mourning in Miniature (also available on large print)
Monster in Miniature (also available on large print)
Mix-Up in Miniature
Madness in Miniature
Manhattan in Miniature
Matrimony in Miniature

Betty Hechtman / MYS HECHTMAN
Crochet Mystery Series
Dead Men Don't Crochet
A Stitch in Crime
You Better Knot Die
Behind the Seams
If Hooks Could Kill
For Better or Worsted
Knot Guilty
Seams Like Murder
Hooking for Trouble

Amanda Lee / MYS LEE
Embroidery Mystery Series
Thread Reckoning
Thread on Arrival
Cross Stitch Before Dying
Thread End
Wicked Stitch

Carol Ann Martin / MYS MARTIN
Weaving Mystery Series
Looming Murder
Weave of Absence

Cricket McRae / MYS MCRAE
Home Crafting Mystery Series
Spin a Wicked Web (also available in large print)
Something Borrowed, Something Bleu
Wined and Died

Melissa Bourbon / MYS RAMIREZ
Magical Dressmaking Mystery Series
Pleating for Mercy
A Killing Notion
A Seamless Murder

Maggie Sefton / MYS SEFTON
A Knitting Mystery Series
A Killer Stitch
Dyer Consequences (also available on large print)
Fleece Navidad
Dropped Dead Stitch
Skein of the Crime
Unraveled (also available on large print)
Cast On, Kill Off (also available on large print)
Close Knit Killer (also available on large print)
Yarn Over Murder (also available on large print)
Purl Up and Die
Knit to Be Tied

Terri Thayer / MYS THAYER
Quilting Mysteries
Monkey Wrench

Lea Wait / MYS WAIT
Mainely Needlepoint Mystery Series
Twisted Threads
Thread and Gone
Dangling by a Thread

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