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Adult Book Lists: Texas Library Association Lariat List 2016

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Paulo Bacigalupi / SF BACIGALU
The Water Knife (also available on audiobook and ebook)
After some major environmental catastrophes, the American Southwest has become desperate for water rights, causing a war between Nevada and California. Angel, a �Water Knife,� gets water for his employers in any way he can. Angel, journalist, Lucy Monroe, and orphan refugee, Maria, search for the elusive paperwork that could change the power structure of the Southwest but is also behind a set of murders and lots of violence.

Frederick Backman / FIC BACKMAN
My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry (also available in ebook)
After some major environmental catastrophes, the American Southwest has become desperate for water rights, causing a war between Nevada and California. Angel, a �Water Knife,� gets water for his employers in any way he can. Angel, journalist, Lucy Monroe, and orphan refugee, Maria, search for the elusive paperwork that could change the power structure of the Southwest but is also behind a set of murders and lots of violence.

A. J. Banner / FIC BANNER
The Good Neighbor (Coming Soon)
Shadow Cove, Washington seems like the perfect little town to settle into, for Sarah and her doctor husband, Johnny. Then one night while Johnny is away, a disaster upends their life, and Sarah starts wondering, with the currents of deception surrounding her, if this town is as perfect as she thought it was.

Annie Barrows / FIC BARROWS
The Truth According to Us (also available on large print and ebook)
In 1938, pampered senator�s daughter, Layla Beck, is cut off by her parents, who expect her to work as a writer for the Federal Writer�s Project. She is to write about small Macedonia, WV. Layla believes that she will go out of her mind with boredom, but the family that she stays with, the Romeyns, are fascinating and tightly entangled with the past of the town. With the assistance of 12-year-old Willa Romeyn, the two will discover the buried secrets of the family.

Ernest Cline / SF CLINE
Armada (also available on audiobook and ebook)
Zack Lightman dreams of a world a little more like the Sci-Fi books, movies, and video games that he enjoys. Then he sees the flying saucer, and it looks just like the ones in his favorite video game, Armada. Soon his gaming skills, along with other Armada gamers, will be needed to fight off an alien invasion.

Harlan Coben / MYS COBEN
The Stranger (also available on large print, audiobook, and ebook)
Adam Price believes he has the perfect life with his wife, Corinne, and two sons, Ryan and Thomas. Then a �stranger� tells Adam some shocking news about his wife. After confronting Corrine, she disappears, leaving Adam to wonder about what he really knows about the people in his life, and he begins to question at how the �stranger� fits in to everything.

Thomas Cooper / FIC COOPER
The Marauders
The BP Oil Spill put many of those who earned a living from the Gulf in dire straits. This leads drug dealers, shrimpers, a BP Oil representative, a one-armed treasure hunter, and some petty criminals on a collision-course in the swampland of Jeanette, Louisiana, and not all of the players may survive.

Carolina De Robertis / FIC DE-ROBERT
The Gods of Tango
In February 1913, 17-year-old Leda leaves Italy with only a small trunk and her father�s violin to join her new husband in Argentina. When she arrives, she learns that he has died, but she decides to stay. There are not many options for a woman to make money, and so Leda decides to take her dead husband�s name, clothing, and job in a cigarette factory. She is also drawn to the scandalous tango music, and plays her violin at night. A look into the beginning of tango music and life in Buenos Aires in the early 1900s.

Phillippe Diederich / FIC DIEDERIC
Frank Delgado co-owns a failing restaurant on Manhattan�s upper east side. Frank believes the only was to save his restaurant is by stealing back an important family recipe that was stolen by the Cuban government. He didn�t count on falling in love with the country or getting the chance to find out his parents� stories.

Lauren Groff / FIC GROFF
Fates and Furies (also available on large print, audiobook, and ebook)
After years of marriage, Lotto and Mathilde�s relationship is the envy of their friends. However, over those twenty-four years, their marriage has been a complicated twist of machinations and secrets and is told from both of their points of view.

Matthew Guinn / MYS GUINN
The Scribe
After leaving Atlanta in disgrace three years before, Detective Thomas Canby is called back to the city to work with Atlanta�s first African American officer, Cyrus Underwood. They are on the case of a serial killer who targets African American entrepreneurs. The case needs to be wrapped up ASAP, due to the 1881 Cotton Exposition, but Canby�s presence seems to make matters worse. He will have to put aside his own prejudices to get to the bottom of the crimes.

Garth Risk Hallberg / FIC HALLBERG
City on Fire (also available in ebook)
In New York, from Christmas of �76 to the blackout in July of �77, a group of characters (with multiple points of view), that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, are connected by the shooting of a girl in Central Park on New Year�s Eve and the blackout of the whole city.

Kristin Hannah / FIC HANNAH
The Nightingale (also available on large print, audiobook, and ebook)
In a small village in France in 1939, Vianne Mauriac�s husband is headed for the front lines of the war. When the Nazi�s invade France, she is forced to take in a Nazi soldier, who watches her family�s every move. Vianne�s sister, Isabel, ends up working with the Resistance, and she faces all the danger that comes from that choice. This is a portrait of the women of World War II.

Paula Hawkins / FIC HAWKINS
The Girl on the Train (also available on large print, audiobook, and ebook)
Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning on her way to work, and she always pays attention to a certain couple that breakfast on their deck. She even starts to feel like she really knows them. One day, however, she witness something shocking, and soon she finds herself in the middle of a missing person�s case.

Julia Heaberlin / FIC HEABERLI
Black-Eyed Susans
At 16, Tessa Cartwright was found barely alive on top of a pile of bones. The only survivor of the �Black-Eyed Susan,� her testimony put a man on death row. Almost 20 years later, an event happens that makes her question whether the right person was sent to prison, and if her daughter may be the one in danger this time. Only her memories hold the answer.

Kazuo Ishiguro / FIC ISHIGURO
The Buried Giant (also available on large print, audiobook, and ebook)
Set in 1st- century England, older Britons, Axl and Beatrice, have vague memories of a son they can�t seem to recall. They decide to travel across the country, looking for answers. Along the way they will learn more about themselves and their marriage.

Rebecca James / FIC JAMES
Sweet Damage
Tom Ellison thinks himself lucky to find a cheap place to rent in his dream location in Sydney. The catch, he must keep an eye on the house�s strange, young, agoraphobic owner. The more Tom gets to know Anna, the more he likes her, but he starts to question the strange occurrences within the house at night and what they might have to do with Anna.

Claire Kells / FIC KELLS
Girl Underwater
A plane trip home for Thanksgiving ends up crash-landing in the Colorado Rockies. Avery Delacorte is one of only five people to survive the crash and that had to survive in the wilderness. After being rescued, Avery has to face flashbacks, new fears, strained relationships, and dealing with having survived the ordeal (and those who survived with her).

Joe R. Lansdale / WES LANSDALE
Paradise Sky
A young black man named Willie witnesses something he shouldn�t that leads to the death of his father and his need to flee his Texas town. After being taken in by Loving, he learns to ride and shoot. After a stint as a Buffalo solider doesn�t work out, �Nat Love� settles in Deadwood, SD. However, Nat�s past might just catch up with him and ruin his new life.

Naomi Novik / SF NOVIK
Uprooted (also available in ebook)
The Dragon, the wizard that protects the valley from the Wood�s evil encroachment, demands payment in the form of the most special village girl every 10 years. Neither graceful nor beautiful, Agnieszka is shocked and terrified when the Dragon chooses her, but she soon finds that she has an aptitude for learning magic. Her adventures include a deadly quest, true friendship, and court intrigue.

Chigozie Obioma / FIC OBIOMA
The Fishermen (also available in ebook)
Four brothers in �90s Nigeria take the opportunity to skip school and fish, after their father has to travel a long distance for work. A madman at the river foretells that the oldest brother will be killed by a �fisherman.� Immediately distrusting his brothers, the eldest brother�s behavior soon starts tearing the family apart.

Neal Stephenson / SF STEPHENS
Seveneves (also available in ebook)
After the moon is destroyed, humans are faced with the destruction of Earth, as the know it. A plan is formed to launch as many people into space as they can, building a community on the International Space Station. Humanity only has to hold out for the 5,000 years it will take to make Earth habitable again. But with human nature, will that be possible?

Cynthia Swanson / FIC SWANSON
The Bookseller (also available in large print)
Kitty Miller owns a bookstore and is still single but happy at 38 in Denver in the early 1960s. Then the dreams begin. Every night she dreams of a world where she is Kathryn Andersson, a wife and mother living in the suburbs. Soon the lines begin to blur between the two lives, and she wonders at the choices she has made.

Erika Swyler / FIC SWYLER
The Book of Speculation (also available on audiobook and ebook)
Simon Watson receives a mysterious package one day, a book that tells the story of doomed lovers. Surprisingly, though, there is also a record of the women of his family within the book, and they all seem to drown on July 24. Since his sister, Enola, has suddenly come home, Simon worries that the same fate awaits her. Decoding the book could be the only way to save his sister.

M. O. Walsh / FIC WALSH
My Sunshine Away
The narrator was only 14-years-old in 1989, in a small community in Baton Rouge, when the girl he has a crush on, Lindy Simpson, is raped. Being suspected by the police, he vows to become the hero Lindy needs and discover who her rapist was. What cost will come for everyone, if he finds the answers he seeks?

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