Adult Book Lists: Inspirational Fiction Historicals

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Lynn N. Austin / FIC AUSTIN
Refiners Fire series
Candle in the Darkness
Fire by Night
A Light to My Path

Chronicles of the Kings (biblical)
Gods & Kings
Song of Redemption
The Strength of His Hand
Faith of My Fathers

All She Ever Wanted
Eve's Daughters
Hidden Places
A Proper Pursuit
Until We Reach Home
While We're Far Apart
A Woman's Place
Wonderland Creek

James Scott Bell / FIC BELL
The Trials of Kit Shannon
A Greater Glory
A Higher Justice
A Certain Truth

Lawana Blackwell / FIC BLACKWEL
Gresham Chronicles
The Widow of Larkspur Inn
The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter
The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

Tales of London series
The Maiden of Mayfair
Catherine's Heart

Stephen Bly / WES BLY
Belles of Lordsburg series
The Senator's Other Daughter
The General's Notorious Widow
The Outlaw's Twin Sister

Heroines of the Golden West series
Sweet Carolina
The Marquesa

T. Davis Bunn / FIC BUNN
Acts of Faith series (with Janette Oke)
The Centurion's Wife
The Hidden Flame
The Damascus Way

Heirs of Acadia series
The Solitary Envoy
The Innocent Libertine
The Noble Fugitive

Priceless Collection series
Florian's Gate
The Amber Room
Winter Palace

Rendezvous with Destiny series
Rhineland Inheritance
Gibraltar Passage
Sahara Crosswind
Berlin Encounter

The Quilt

Lloyd C. Douglas / FIC DOUGLAS
The Robe

Sharon Ewell Foster / FIC FOSTER
Abraham's Well
The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 1: The Witnesses
The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part 2: The Testimony
Passing by Samaria
Riding Through Shadows

Ann H. Gabhart / FIC GABHART
Shaker series
The Outsider
The Believer
The Seeker
The Blessed

Angel Sister
The Gifted

Ruth Glover / FIC GLOVER
Saskatchewan Saga
A Place Called Bliss
With Love from Bliss
Journey to Bliss
Seasons of Bliss
Bittersweet Bliss
Back Roads to Bliss

The Wildrose series
The Shining Light
Bitter Thistle, Sweet Rose
A Time to Dream
Turn Northward
Second-Best Bride
A Place to Call Home

Tricia Goyer / FIC GOYER
The Swiss Courier

Kristen Heitzmann / FIC HEITZMAN
Diamond of the Rockies series
The Rose Legacy
Sweet Boundless
The Tender Vine

Rocky Mountain Legacy series
Honor's Pledge
Honor's Price
Honor's Quest
Honor's Disguise
Honor's Reward

Reg Grant / FIC GRANT

Lois T. Henderson / FIC HENDERSO
Abigail (biblical)

Liz Curtis Higgs / FIC HIGGS
Here Burns My Candle series
Here Burns My Candle
Mine is the Night

Lowlands of Scotland series
Thorn in My Heart
Fair is the Rose
Whence Came a Prince
Grace in Thine Eyes

B.J. Hoff / FIC HOFF
American Anthem series

Emerald Ballad series
Song of the Silent Harp
Heart of the Lonely Exile
Land of a Thousand Dreams
Sons of an Ancient Glory

Marjorie Holmes / FIC HOLMES
The Messiah (biblical)
Two from Galilee
Three from Galilee

Change and Cherish Historical series
A Clearing in the Wild
A Tendering in the Storm

Tender Ties Historical series
Every Fixed Star
Hold Tight the Thread

All Together in One Place
A Flickering Light
The Daughter's Walk
No Eye Can See
Where Lilacs Still Bloom

Al and Joanna Lacy / FIC LACY
Angel of Mercy series
A Promise for Breanna
Faithful Heart
Captive Set Free
A Dream Fulfilled
Suffer the Little Children
Whither Thou Goest
Things Not Seen
Far Above Rubies

Hannah of Fort Bridger series
Under the Distant Sky
Consider the Lilies
The Perfect Gift
Touch of Compassion
Beyond the Valley
Damascus Journey

Shadow of Liberty series
Let Freedom Ring
The Secret Place
A Prince Among Them
Undying Love

Elyse Larson / FIC LARSON
Women of Valor series
For Such a Time
So Shall We Stand
The Hope Before Us

Bonnie Leon / FIC LEON
Matanuska series
Valley of Promises
Worthy of Riches
Home at Last

The Queensland Chronicles
The Heart of Thornton Creek
For the Love of the Land

D.S. Lliteras / FIC LLITERAS
Jerusalem's Rain (biblical)
The Silence of John
The Thieves of Golgotha

Kathi Mills-Macias / FIC MACIAS
Valeria's Cross

Catherine Marshall / FIC MARSHALL

Calvin Miller / FIC MILLER

Judith Miller / FIC MILLER
Daughters of Amana series
Somewhere to Belong
More Than Words
A Bond Never Broken

Freedom's Path series
First Dawn
Morning Sky

The Carousel Painter

James R. Mills / FIC MILLS
The Memoirs of Pontius Pilate (biblical)

Kathleen Morgan / FIC MORGAN
Scottish Highland series
Embrace the Dawn
Consuming Fire

As High as the Heavens

Gilbert Morris / FIC MORRIS
House of Winslow series
The Honorable Imposter: 1620
The Captive Bride
The Indentured Heart: 1740
The Gentle Rebel: 1775
The Holy Warrior: 1798
The Reluctant Bridegroom: 1838
The Last Confederate: 1860
The Dixie Widow: 1862
The Wounded Yankee: 1862
The Union Belle: 1867
The Final Adversary: 1894
The Crossed Sabres: 1875
The Valiant Gunman: 1874
The Gallant Outlaw: 1890
The Jeweled Spur: 1883
The Yukon Queen: 1896
The Rough Rider: 1898
The Iron Lady: 1903
The Shadow Portrait: 1907
The White Hunter: 1912
The Flying Cavalier: 1914
The Golden Angel: 1922
The Heavenly Fugitive: 1923
The Fiery Ring: 1928
The Pilgrim Song: 1929
The Beloved Enemy: 1931

Nancy Moser / FIC MOSER
Ladies of History series
Mozart's Sister
Just Jane
Washington's Lady
How Do I Love Thee? (also in large print)

An Unlikely Suitor

Elizabeth Musser / FIC MUSSER
The Sweetest Thing

Janette Oke / FIC OKE
A Prairie Legacy
The Tender Years
A Searching Heart
A Quiet Strength
Like Gold Refined

Seasons of the Heart
Once Upon a Summer
The Winds of Autumn
Winter is Not Forever
Spring's Gentle Promise

Songs of Acadia series (with T. Davis Bunn)
The Meeting Place (also in large print)
The Sacred Shore (also in large print)
The Birthright (also in large print)
The Distant Beacon

Women of the West series
The Calling of Emily Evans
Julia's Last Hope
Roses for Mama
A Woman Named Damaris
They Called Her Mrs. Doc
The Measure of a Heart
A Bride for Donnigan
Heart of the Wilderness
Too Long a Stranger
The Bluebird and the Sparrow
A Gown of Spanish Lace
The Drums of Change

Gary E. Parker / FIC PARKER
Blue Ridge Legacy series
Highland Hopes
Highland Mercies
Highland Grace

Delia Parr / FIC PARR
The Candlewood Trilogy
A Hearth in Candlewood
Refining Emma
Where Love Dwells

Trinity series
A Place Called Trinity
Home to Trinity

Judith Pella / FIC PELLA
Patchwork Circle series
Bachelor's Puzzle

Tracie Peterson / FIC PETERSON
Bells of Lowell series (with Judith Miller)
Daughter of the Loom
A Fragile Design
These Tangled Threads

Desert Roses series
Shadows of the Canyon
Across the Years
Beneath a Harvest Sky

Heirs of Montana
Land of My Heart (also in large print)
The Coming Storm
To Dream Anew

Lights of Lowell series
A Tapestry of Hope
A Love Woven True
The Pattern of Her Heart

Shannon Saga (with James Scott Bell)
City of Angels
Angels Flight
Angel of Mercy

Yukon Quest series
Treasures of the North
Ashes and Ice
Rivers of Gold

Michael R. Phillips / FIC PHILLIPS
The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister (with Judith Pella)
My Father's World
Daughter of Grace
On the Trail of Truth
A Place in the Sun
Sea to Shining Sea
Into the Long, Dark Night
Land of the Brave and the Free
A Home for the Heart

The Russians series (with Judith Pella)
The Crown and the Crucible
A House Divided
Travail and Triumph
Heirs of the Motherland (under FIC PELLA)
The Dawning of Deliverance (under FIC PELLA)
White Nights, Red Morning (under FIC PELLA)
Passage into Light (under FIC PELLA)

Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall series
Wild Grows the Heather in Devon
Wayward Winds
Heathersleigh Homecoming
A New Dawn Over Devon

Shenandoah Sisters series
Angels Watching Over Me
A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton
The Color of Your Skin Ain't the Color of Your Heart
Together is All We Need

Allison Pittman / FIC PITTMAN
Lilies in Moonlight

Francine Rivers / FIC RIVERS
Mark of the Lion series
A Voice in the Wind
An Echo in the Darkness
As Sure as the Dawn

Lineage of Grace series (biblical)

Sons of Encouragement (biblical)
The Priest (also in large print)
The Warrior
The Prince (only in LP)
The Prophet
The Scribe (also in large print)

Redeeming Love

Kim Vogel Sawyer / FIC SAWYER
Fields of Grace
In Every Heartbeat
My Heart Remembers

Lauraine Snelling / FIC SNELLING
Dakota Treasures series

Daughters of Blessing series
A Promise for Ellie
Sophie's Dilemma
A Touch of Grace
Rebecca's Reward

Home to Blessing series
A Measure of Mercy
No Distance Too Far
A Heart for Home

Red River of the North series
An Untamed Land
A New Day Rising
A Land to Call Home
The Reapers' Song
Tender Mercies
Blessing in Disguise

Return to Red River series
A Dream to Follow
Believing the Dream

A Secret Refuge series
Daughter of Twin Oaks
Sisters of the Confederacy
The Long Way Home

Wild West Wind series
Valley of Dreams

Kay Marshall Strom / FIC STROM
Grace in Africa series
The Call of Zulina
The Voyage of Promise
The Triumph of Grace

Ann Tatlock / FIC TATLOCK
All the Way Home

Diana Wallis Taylor / FIC TAYLOR
Journey to the Well (biblical)
Mary Magdalene

Bodie Thoene (with Brock Thoene) / FIC THOENE
The Galway Chronicles
Only the River Runs Free
Of Men & of Angels
Ashes of Remembrance
All Rivers to the Sea

Shiloh Legacy series
In My Father's House
A Thousand Shall Fall
Say to This Mountain
Shiloh Autumn

The Zion Chronicles
The Gates of Zion
A Daughter of Zion
The Return to Zion
A Light in Zion
The Key to Zion

The Zion Covenant series
Vienna Prelude
Prague Counterpoint
Munich Signature
Jerusalem Interlude
Danzig Passage
Warsaw Requiem

The Zion Legacy series
Jerusalem Vigil
Thunder from Jerusalem
Jerusalem's Heart
The Jerusalem Scrolls
Stones of Jerusalem
Jerusalem's Hope

Brock Thoene / WES THOENE
Saga of the Sierras series (with Bodie Thoene)
The Man from Shadow Ridge
Riders of the Silver Rim
Gold Rush Prodigal
Sequoia Scout
Cannons of the Comstock
The Year of the Grizzly
Shooting Star

Walter Wangerin / FIC WANGERIN
Jesus (biblical)
Naomi and Her Daughters

Stephanie Grace Whitson / FIC WHITSON
Pine Ridge Portraits series
Secrets on the Wind
Watchers on the Hill

A Claim of Her Own
A Most Unsuitable Match
Sixteen Brides
Unbridled Dreams

Lori Wick / FIC WICK
Big Sky Dreams

Lance Wubbels / FIC WUBBELS
The Gentle Hills series
Far from the Dream
Whispers in the Valley
Keeper of the Harvest
Some Things Last Forever