Adult Book Lists: Culinary Mysteries

[Printable book list]

[Printable book list] (Jan. 2017)

Ellery Adams / MYS ADAMS
Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery Series
Pies and Prejudice
Peach Pies and Alibis
Pecan Pies and Homicides
Breach of Crust

Susan Wittig Albert / MYS ALBERT
China Bayles series
Thyme of Death
Witches' Bane
Hangman's Root
Rosemary Remembered
Rueful Death
Love Lies Bleeding
Chile Death
Lavender Lies
Mistletoe Man
Indigo Dying
A Dilly of a Death
Dead Man's Bones
Bleeding Hearts
Spanish Dagger (also in large print)
Nightshade (also in large print)
Wormwood (also in large print)
Holly Blues
Mourning Gloria (also in large print)
Cat's Claw
Widow's Tears (also in large print)
Death Come Quickly (also in large print)
Blood Orange (also in large print)

Robin Allen / MYS ALLEN
Poppy Markham, Culinary Cop series
If You Can't Stand the Heat

Jacklyn Brady / MYS BRADY
Piece of Cake Mystery series
A Sheetcake Named Desire
Cake on a Hot Tin Roof
Arsenic & Old Cake
Rebel Without a Cake

Bailey Cates / MYS CATES
Magical Bakery Mystery series
Brownies and Broomsticks

Laura Childs / MYS CHILDS
Cackleberry Club series
Eggs in Purgatory (also in large print)
Eggs Benedict Arnold (also in large print)
Bedeviled Eggs (also in large print)
Stake & Eggs (also in large print)
Eggs in a Casket (also in large print)
Scorched Eggs (also in large print)
Tea Shop Mystery series
Death by Darjeeling
The Jasmine Moon Murder
Chamomile Mourning
Blood Orange Brewing
Dragonwell Dead (also in large print)
The Silver Needle Murder (also in large print)
Oolong Dead
The Teaberry Strangler (also in large print)
Scones & Bones
Agony of the Leaves (also in large print)
Sweet Tea Revenge (also in large print)
Steeped in Evil (also in large print)
Ming Tea Murder (also in large print)
Devonshire Scream (also in large print)

Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant / MYS CONANTPA
Gourmet Girl series
Steamed (also in large print)
Simmer Down
Turn Up the Heat
Fed Up
Cook the Books (also in large print)

Sheila Connolly / MYS CONNNOLLY
Orchard Mystery Series
One Bad Apple
Red Delicious Death
Sour Apples (also in large print)
Golden Malicious (also in large print)
Picked to Die
A Gala Event
Seeds of Deception (Also available in ebook)

Cleo Coyle / MYS COYLE
Coffeehouse Mystery Series
Latte Trouble
French Pressed
Espresso Shot
Holiday Grind
Roast Mortem
Murder by Mocha
A Brew to Kill
Holiday Buzz
Billionaire Blend
Once Upon a Grind
Dead to the Last Drop (also in large print)

Isis Crawford / MYS CRAWFORD
A Mystery with Recipes series
A Catered Murder (Also available in ebook)
A Catered Wedding
A Catered Christmas
A Catered Valentine's Day
A Catered Halloween
A Catered Birthday Party
A Catered Thanksgiving
A Catered St. Patrick's Day (Also available in ebook)
A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange
A Catered Fourth of July (Also available in ebook)
A Catered Mother's Day (Also available in large print)
A Catered Tea Party (Also available in large print)

Ellen Crosby / MYS CROSBY
Wine Country Mystery Series
The Merlot Murders
The Chardonnay Charade
The Bordeaux Betrayal
The Riesling Retribution
The Viognier Vendetta
The Sauvignon Secret

Diane Mott Davidson / MYS DAVIDSON
Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery series
Catering to Nobody
Dying for Chocolate
The Cereal Murders
The Last Suppers
Killer Pancake
The Main Corpse
Prime Cut
Tough Cookie
Sticks & Scones
Chopping Spree
Double Shot (also in large print)
Dark Tort
Sweet Revenge (also in large print and on audiobook)
Fatally Flaky
Crunch Time (also in large print)

Alex Erickson / MYS ERICKSON
Bookstore Cafe Mystery Series
Death by Tea
Death by Pumpkin Spice

Nancy Fairbanks / MYS FAIRBANKS
Culinary Mystery with Recipes
Truffled Feathers
Chocolate Quake
Bon Bon Voyage

Joanna Fluke / MYS FLUKE
Hannah Swenson series
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Also availabe in ebook and DVD)
Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Blueberry Muffin Murder
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
Fudge Cupcake Murder (Also available in large print)
Sugar Cookie Murder
Peach Cobbler Murder
Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Key Lime Pie Murder
Candy Cane Murder
Carrot Cake Murder (Also available in large print)
Cream Puff Murder (Also available in large print)
Plum Pudding Murder (Also available in large print)
Apple Turnover Murder (Also available in ebook
Gingerbread Cookie Murder (Also available in large print)
Devil's Food Cake Murder (Also available in large print)
Cinnamon Roll Murder (Also available in large print)
Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Also available in large print and ebook)
Blackberry Pie Murder (Also available in large print)
Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Also available in large print and ebook)
Wedding Cake Murder (Also available in large print and ebook)
Christmas Caramel Murder (Also available in large print and ebook)

Kerry Greenwood / MYS GREENWOOD
Corrina Chapman series
Earthly Delights
Heavenly Pleasures
Devil's Food
Trick or Treat
Forbidden Fruit
Cooking the Books

Lee Hollis / MYS HOLLIS
Haley Powell Food & Cocktails Mysteries
Death of a Kitchen Diva

Julie Hyzy / MYS HYZY
White House Chef Mysteries
State of the Onion
Hail to the Chef
Eggsecutive Orders
Buffalo West Wing
Affairs of Steak

Tamar Myers / MYS MYERS
Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery series
Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Crime
No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk
Just Plain Pickled to Death
Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
Play it Again, Spam
The Crepes of Wrath
Custard's Last Stand
Thou Shalt Not Grill
Assault and Pepper (Also available in large print)
Grape Expectations
Hell Hath No Curry
As the World Churns
Batter Off Dead (Also available in large print)
Butter Safe Than Sorry (Also available in large print)
The Death of a Pie (Also available in large print and ebook)
Tea with Jam and Dread

Jenn McKinaly / MYS MCKINALY
Cupcake Bakery Mystery
Sprinkle with Murder
Red Velvet Revenge
Going, Going, Ganache
Sugar and Iced

Katherine Hall Page / MYS PAGE
Faith Fairchild series
The Body in the Belfry
The Body in the Kelp
The Body in the Bouillon
The Body in the Vestibule
The Body in the Cast
The Body in the Basement
The Body in the Bog
The Body in the Fjord
The Body in the Bookcase
The Body in the Big Apple
The Body in the Moonlight
The Body in the Bonfire
The Body in the Lighthouse
The Body in the Attic
The Body in the Snowdrift
The Body in the Ivy
The Body in the Gallery (also in large print)
The Body in the Sleigh
The Body in the Gazebo
The Body in the Boudoir

Lou Jane Temple / MYS TEMPLE
Spice Box Mystery series
The Spice Box
Death du Jour

Wendy Lyn Watson / MYS WATSON
Mystery a la Mode series
I Scream, You Scream
Scoop to Kill
A Parfait Murder